ITIL Intermediate CSI

ITIL Intermediate CSI (Online Course): This includes E-learning through Study Guides, Chapter Test and podcasts for all chapters along with 27 PMI PDU Certificate

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Course Overview

ITIL Intermediate CSI (Online Course): This includes E-learning through Study Guides, Chapter Test and podcasts for all chapters along with 27 PMI PDU Certificate

Training Features
With MyLearningcube Online’s e-learning system, certification made simpler! You can take your career to next level.Our e-learning system is proven as the best elearning system available in the market and we gaurantee to make you a certified practicener.

MyLearningcube courses includes
  1. Expert Instructor-Led Training
    We use only the industry's finest instructors in the IT industry.Learn from our instructor and interact live at your desired place via virtual learning programs scheduled to run at specific times.
  2. Online Exam Mockup Test
    MyLearningcube prepares you for live exam by attemping the online mocks. We test you in different ways; first, our learning tool, gives you feedback as to why an answer is correct or incorrect. Next, you’ll receive the questions presented in a randomized, timed format very similar to the live exam. Every time you take the exam, new questions appear. At the end of the test you will be shown, in percentage, what areas of the curriculum you are strong on as well as what areas you’re weak on.
  3. Navigation and Controls
    We provide self-paced training programs are designed in a modular fashion to allow you the flexibility to work with expert level instruction anytime. All courses are arranged in defined sections with navigation controls allowing you to control the pace of your training. Decide when you want to learn at your own pace. 24 x 7. Audio-Video Courses for self-paced evaluation based learning.
Course Outline

This course includes:

9  High Quality Videos

High quality, interactive, and engaging online videos teach each chapter and knowledge area. All course videos are prepared and presented by industry experts.

8  Helpful Study Guides

Study guides for each chapter cover key concepts in all knowledge areas. These are also available in downloadable formats that can be accessed whenever needed.

146  Test Questions

Practice tests for each chapter help students gauge their preparedness. You even have the flexibility to select the number of chapter test questions you want to attempt.

374  Terms and Definitions

Important terms and concepts for all chapters and knowledge areas are included. You can also use these terms as a collection of flashcards for practice and review.

27  VMEdu Approved RCUs

VMEdu Approved RCUs for continuing VMEdu Certification (such as SCRUMstudy, SMstudy, etc.) requirements ensure that the certified professional’s competencies are up to date.

27  PMI Approved Contact Hours

PMI approved contact hours fulfill the eligibility criteria to take the PMP certification exam. You can download the contact hour certificate at the end of the course.

1  Reference Material

Reference materials to help you with the learning





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